boot fitting

Your INDIVIDUaL boot fitting

The boot fits. It is comfortable and has air. Our boot fitting puts you on your feet! Not only for more skiing enjoyment but also greater performance. Innovative analysis methods and know-how from professional sport are our secret recipe for ski boots which fit perfectly.

We can adjust the boot individually to suit your needs by thermal forming, customizing the insole or stretching and shaping the shell. We take time for you!

ARX hotel guests (only in German) receive a 15 % discount on ski services and rentals. And 10 % discount on shop products and boot fitting.

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Bootfitting at Veith Sport in Schladming


The boot fits and all is well.

Bootdoc stands for individual solutions to all foot forms which guarantee optimum comfort and more performance. There are 5 stages to the ski boot fitting:

  1. Foot analysis and exact measurements
  2. Selection of model according to planned use and skiing skills
  3. Choice of suitable sole
  4. Customizing of boot shell and insole
  5. Collection and adjustment of binding


SHoe inlays which fit

The analysis with 3D or 2D scanner, podoscope or Feetview gives a detailed picture of the foot. This is necessary in order to choose the right technical system (3D, 3 ARCH, STEP IN) for the inlay. In this way we are able to fit the shoe inlay exactly to your foot form.